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Meyer Distributing, Gen-Y Partner

Meyer Distributing has partnered with Gen-Y Hitch.

“These hitches are just not for SEMA trucks,” said Nick Gramelspacher, VP of sales for Meyer Distributing. “If you’re looking for some of the heaviest duty, American-made hitches on the market, look no further than Gen-Y.”

Gen-Y hitches have a capacity range of 10,000 pounds to 32,000 pounds.

“Gen-Y Hitch is very excited to announce we have chosen Meyer Distributing as a strategic partner to better serve our customers throughout the U.S. and into Canada,” said Gen-Y President Dan Miller. “We believe Meyer Distributing’s customer centric approach aligns with Gen-Y Hitch’s 100-percent customer satisfaction culture/mission, which places Meyer in a unique position to support Gen-Y Hitch in its effort to not only build brand recognition, but most importantly meet increased customer demand for Gen-Y products across the markets it serves.”

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