Micro-Air Unveils EasyTouch RV Thermostat

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Micro-Air, manufacturer of the EasyStart family of air conditioning products, has revealed EasyTouch RV – a smart thermostat, and the smartphone app to control it. EasyTouch is a Wi-Fi-enabled and Bluetooth-capable wall control thermostat for RV air conditioning. With the device, RVers can monitor and control cabin temperatures from anywhere that Wi-Fi or cell service are available.

The wall thermostat will complement its EasyStart 364 for RV, the electronic soft starter for low power A/C starts.

The company’s new product is for aftermarket installation of modern thermostats in travel trailers, campers and luxury RVs.

“It has no competitor in the market,” said engineer Robert Schmidinger. “It will be compatible with Dometic and Coleman/Airxcel rooftop A/C units and both the iPhone/Apple and Android platforms for remote control.”

In the near future, the product will be adapted to work with most of the remaining rooftop A/C brands.

The company’s new color and touchscreen thermostat provides a touch-driven experience that also can be controlled from a laptop, phone or tablet. With Wi-Fi access, the user can now set and check the air conditioning and power status in an RV from anywhere.

“Imagine being able to cool your RV from your car, office, home or restaurant dinner table, rather than returning to a stuffy (or cold) rig,” said Marc Gerardi, director of eCommerce.

“No longer will the EasyStart be our stand-alone RV product,” said engineer Roger Krinic. “It will buddy-up with the new EasyTouch RV.”

The release date is not yet announced but is expected to be available for the spring camping season. Sales will be made via the company website and by dealers.

Its EasyStart was RV industry honored when selected as the RV Industry Association’s 2019 Finalist for “Aftermarket Product of the Year.”

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