Minnesota Tracks Down RV Sales Tax Dodgers

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More than 80 cases of Minnesotans who avoided paying state taxes by buying RVs in other states have been resolved in recent years.

Minnesota Revenue Department officials said Monday that the latest was a man who failed to appear in court on charges of avoiding state taxes, the Duluth News Tribune reports. He was found by police in Florida and sent back to face Minnesota tax evasion charges. He pleaded guilty.

Five years ago, the department and other agencies started a program to find people buying RVs and other vehicles in other states to avoid Minnesota’s 6.5 percent motor vehicle sales tax.

“Most Minnesotans abide by our tax laws when purchasing motor vehicles in Minnesota or elsewhere,” Revenue Commissioner Cynthia Bauerly said. “We’ve had continued success working with our partners in law enforcement in Minnesota and other states to investigate and charge Minnesota residents who are evading taxes they owe on their motor vehicle purchases.”

A Minnesota resident evading the motor vehicle sales tax could face gross misdemeanor or felony criminal charges, in addition to paying the sales tax, penalty and interest.

Motor vehicle taxes are owed to Minnesota no matter where vehicles housed in the state are purchased.

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