MITO Corp. Pleased with Elkhart Showcase

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MITO Corp., an electronics distributor, held a three-day product showcase last week at the Matterhorn in Elkhart, Ind., the first such showcase the company has hosted in more than 15 years, according to Vice President of Sales Brent Lehman.

The three-day event ran from noon to 7 p.m. each day and featured about 10 vendors and showcased the company’s newest electronic products, ranging from wireless chargers to televisions and radios.

About 17 years ago, the company hosted similar events, and Lehman said that this year’s turnout was less than he’d hoped for, but added that it was a good start for what the company hopes will be an annual event.

“I was a little disappointed by the overall turnout, but the people that came, we were very pleased with the response that we got from the customers,” Lehman said. “We had a number of customers that sent people back for the second day and the third day, and we got a number of follow-ups as a result of it. From that standpoint we were pleased by the response we got.”

Next year, Lehman said that the company would consider shortening the show to two days and move the hours to later in the day.

“We definitely want to make it more than a day so we can get as many people through as possible,” he said.

Among the products that drew the most attention from attendees was the Fly Charge, a new wireless charging system for electronics, and the Bazooka 12-volt quick-disconnect wiring harnesses, Lehman said.

“We’re trying to make sure we’re in front of our customers with the latest and greatest,” Lehman said. “MITO has always prided itself on innovation and service and brining new ideas to the market. Sometimes we’re really early in bringing new ideas to the market, but we find our niche and we’re trying to make sure that people understand that about us.”

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