Mohr Tests Whiplash-Resistant Ball Mounts

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Mohr Manufacturing will be testing its energy absorbing Defender Series ball mounts in 2015.

The new ball mounts are designed to be capable of safely towing 7,500 pounds while protecting the vehicle frame and reducing whiplash risk associated with rear-end collisions, according to a news release.

“Vehicles equipped with a receiver hitch increase your risk of whiplash by 22 percent in the event of a rear-end collision because they create a stiffer ‘crash pulse,’” according to the release. “Fixed or static receiver hitch product adds to the risk of whiplash by moving this problem outward making these products a liability.”

“When a passenger car rear-ends your higher riding pickup truck or SUV they don’t hit your bumper – they hit the receiver hitch,” Jeff Mohr said.  “And because of their soft suspensions they dive, creating a wedge effect. The downward pressure forces the rear of the receiver hitch downward and the front of the receiver hitch upward when you have a ball mount installed. The result is a ruined frame.”

The Defender Series ball mounts aim to reduce the risk of frame damage and whiplash by absorbing crash energy.

Two different types will be tested this year including a 2-inch drop (with 1-inch rise) and 4-inch drop (with 3-inch rise).

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