Motor1: Yes, it’s Compact, But it’s Loaded with Features

European automotive magazine has a French RV builder on its radar, and notes how the builder manages to keep the price point down but still pack in a ton of amenities.

Itineo is a motorhome builder from France that is launching a compact model called the Nomad. It’s relatively inexpensive compared to competitors but still packs a whole lot of amenities into the small physical footprint.

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The Nomad uses a Peugeot Boxer van as its starting point. However, Itineo adds different styling to the front and rear to give the motorhome a more eye-catching appearance. The revised appearance includes stacked headlights on the nose and large, hockey-stick-shaped lamps at the back.

The motorhome measures 21.7 feet long and 7.19 feet wide. There’s sleeping space for four people. Buyers can select from three configurations at the back: a mattress that’s roughly full-sized, two single beds or bunk beds. In addition, another sleeping spot folds down from the roof over the cab.

The kitchen is small but full-featured. There’s a three-burner stove and refrigerator. Plus, there’s a tiny oven, in case you’re planning on baking a cake while camping.

The Nomad also has a bathroom that packs a shower, cassette toilet, and sink into a single space.

Doors on each side of the exterior open to reveal a storage space. A button in there lifts the bed, which is above this area, and this creates enough room to haul bicycles there.

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