RV driving down road

Muncy, Pa., Dealer Sees Increase in Sales

Bob Reeder owner of Bonner Sports & RV in Pennsylvania has only been opened for one month in his second location in Muncy Township, and already he said it has made a big difference in sales.

This story by Barbara Barrett originally appeared in The Luminary.

Reeder started the business in 2006 when he bought Bonner Sports in Avis. Two years later he purchased Kimble RV in Pine Creek and combined RV sales with bikes and power sports.

“We significantly grew after 2008,” Reeder said. “We were doing a good job taking care of our customers.” His staff grew from just three employees to 20 today. There are three managers who are taking turns at the Muncy location.

The Muncy location which was the former home of Waterscapes has opened up a different set of clientele. Sales manager, Jeff Harbaugh said that it is more convenient here and the grounds are perfect to display the new trailers.

After a little remodeling work done inside, the sales room is open six days a week. They service and sell six different manufacturers of trailers and more than 20 brands. Wildwood is one of the most popular.

Although the RV industry does change a lot, Reeder said he is very pleased with the amount of traffic here and "Muncy has definitely exceeded my expectations."

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