MVP Ready to Provide RVs for Disaster Relief

MVP RV Inc. of Riverside, Calif., is ready and able to provide motorhomes and travel trailers to locations around the world when emergency housing is needed for disaster victims, MVP RV President and CEO Brad Williams told Congressman Ken Calvert when the two met recently.

Calvert represents the state’s 44th Congressional District, which includes Riverside County.

“Unlike other companies that may not be able to respond as quickly, MVP RV is in a position to quickly design and build vehicles to meet the needs of organizations tasked with providing temporary housing,” said Williams. He said that the motorhomes and travel trailers would be affordably priced for the emergency organizations involved.

Reminding Calvert that disasters like the one in Japan, and most recently in the American South, will happen again, Williams pointed out the importance of having RVs ready to be sent where they are needed as a critical emergency aid strategy. He also emphasized that changes need to be made in policies that affect the manufacture of these temporary living units.

“The recreation vehicle industry has suffered greatly because of the downturn and many of our former competitors are out of business or at least unable to move as quickly as we can,” said Williams. “Fortunately, our homegrown company has weathered the economic storm and is now on the path to increase our domestic and export business. We will be hiring hundreds of employees to meet our growing needs. That’s good news for the Inland Empire, where unemployment remains high.”

In April, Williams met with U.S. Commerce Secretary Gary Locke in Los Angeles during the second stop of Locke’s New Markets, New Jobs small business outreach tour.

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