Nappanee Mulls Possible RV Park

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Nappanee is looking into the idea of creating a RV park. Although, where in the city it would sit is anybody’s guess.

Mayor Phil Jenkins said that locations for an RV park in the city had been looked at by previous administrations, but never gained traction. “We have to know if the project would be economically feasible,” said Jenkins. “Is the infrastructure in place to support the project? Will it make money for the city? Is there land available to use for the project? All of those types of questions need answered.”

The city’s Board of Works has, however, approved requesting qualifications from companies who can study whether the idea makes sense for the city. As part of the request, the city has named two possible sites which may be considered for use. Although, Jenkins said at this point all land details are going to be vague, since the city does not actually own any of the property.

One piece of land mentioned includes a nine-hole executive golf course, while another is a 30-acre site “adjacent to a historic farm and restaurant, live theatre and hotels.” The latter could be a piece of property right next to Amish Acres in Nappanee, but Jenkins would not confirm where the actual land sat.

See the full story in The Elkhart Truth.

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