Aqua View Showermi$er
Aqua View's Showermi$er

National Consolidated Partners with Aqua View

National Consolidated Corp. (NATCON) has partnered with Aqua View, which provides technologies for water and energy savings.

In August, NATCON celebrated its 45th year in business and focuses on distribution, supplying Elkhart and the surrounding manufacturing areas with adhesives, sealants, tapes, coatings and pumping equipment from a variety of manufacturers.

NATCON is a family-owned business based in South Bend, Ind.

Aqua View’s product line, the Showermi$er and Sinkmi$er models, help end-users increase water capacity by 40 percent without changing tanks or adding weight, according to the company.

Additionally, Aqua View is now presenting Phase Change, a new insulation-type material which, while only 1/4 inches thick, is the equivalent of 12 inches of solid concrete, according to the company. Phase Change has been factory-installed for more than a year in the Forest River Galleria Class B’s.

NATCON’s new venture is also linked with WAY Interglobal Network.

Customers such as Forest River, Newmar, Tiffin, Rockwood, Flagstaff and Galleria have already implemented the Showermi$er and Sinkmi$er within its current production lines.

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