Nautilus Shower Door Passes Flammability Test

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Nautilus retractable shower door

Stoett Industries of Hicksville, Ohio, recently submitted its Nautilus retractable shower door to stringent flammability testing. 

Nautilus is designed for motorhome showers where space is at a premium and reducing weight on the coach is important.

The testing was conducted by NTA Inc. of Nappanee, Ind. Two standards – one for the U.S. and one for Canada – were used.  In the U.S., Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 302, measures the flammability of interior materials.  For Canada, Standards and Regulations division, Technical Document 302 does likewise.

Passing the tests requires that the specimen does not demonstrate a burn rate greater than 4 inches per minute or, that if it burns for less than 60 seconds that the flame does not travel more than 2 inches.  

Both the Nautilus core material and a Nautilus assembly were tested.  Each passed easily, demonstrating a burn rate of 0 inches per minute and flame travel of 0.00 inches. One test comment summarized the result: “Specimen ignited but self-extinguished prior to entering time zone.”

“Stoett and ABC Marketing are excited to share these test results with our customers,” said Justin Foster of ABC Marketing (which represents Stoett Industries to the RV industry). “It

 gives them a certain peace of mind in knowing that our products are manufactured to the highest of quality with safety in mind.”

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