NDW, Ozotech, Alpha Systems Launch Sanitank

No Dirty Water, Ozotech, and Alpha Systems have introduced Sanitank, a new, in-tank water purification system designed to improve the water quality within RVs.

“We often think very little about the quality and safety of the water we drink every day, until there is a problem,” said John Sztykiel, founder of NDW. “Whether we are concerned about chemicals, microbes or just taste or odor, the new Sanitank in-tank water purification system provides RV consumers with the peace of mind that wherever their adventure takes them, they will have easy access to pure, clean, great-tasting water throughout the RV.” 

The prototype Sanitank system provides a dual treatment process within the tank: a 0.02 sub micron filter that removes sediment and harmful chemicals and an activated oxygen/ozone-based purification process that disinfects the water from common contaminants like E.Coli, coliform and legionella while improving taste and smell.

The system will initially be targeted for use in fresh water tanks, to provide clean, odor free water for drinking, cooking and cleaning, while also mitigating potential odors and contamination in the gray waste water tank. Production is targeted for the third quarter of 2020.

“At Alpha Systems, we have a history of providing innovative solutions to meet the evolving needs of customers within the RV, marine and manufactured housing markets,” said Paul Craven, VP of sales at Alpha Systems. “As the exclusive installer of this innovative new system, we see significant opportunities as RV users can rest secure, knowing that the water in their tanks is clean, free of chemicals, free of germs and free of unpleasant tastes and odors.”

“We are excited to continue the valuable work we are doing with NDW to provide clean, great-tasting water to consumers in a growing list of applications,” said Steve Christiansen, director of technical sales at Ozotech. “This prototype in-tank system can provide a continuous flow of clean water within RVs that is not only safe and contaminant free, but also tastes and smells fresh.”

To meet with the NDW team and learn more about the Sanitank in-tank water purification system, stop by the Alpha Systems display at the Supplier Expo at the Elkhart Dealer Open House located at the RV/MH Hall of Fame, Sept. 23-26.

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