AMP Distribution, a new wholesale distribution company, will focus on delivering ASA Electronics products to dealers.

New Company Enters Wholesale Distribution Market

A new distributor has thrown its hat into the mix, hoping to compete among the international giants and multimillion-dollar startups in the competitive RV wholesale space.

AMP Distribution, which has locations New Port Richey, Fla., and San Antonio, Texas, debuted to the RV market in earlier this year, focusing solely on distributing ASA Electronics’ products to the lower 48 U.S. states.

“We truly are a small family business, and we offer folks a lot of personal service that they might not get from one of the bigger guys,” owner Mark Scott said. “To get into distribution for dealers was just the next logical step for us.”

Scott said his company, Family RV Center, which owns and operates the online retail store, has worked with ASA as a customer for about a decade. Earlier this year, negotiations began on the distribution deal, leading to Scott starting a separate entity – AMP Distribution – to sell ASA’s parts to dealers.

“I’ve known Mark for several years, and he’s a real professional, and I’m glad to see he’s gone from being a dealer to a distributor," ASA Aftermarket Manager Rick Carver said. "He’s done extremely well with our Advent Air product since we’ve released it. He knows the product as well as our technical suport people do, and I think that’s a good thing for a dealer."

The move to add another distributor is the second announcement from ASA in the past week. Last week, the company announced it had added Meyer Distributing as another distribution offer for its Voyager and Jensen products, and Carver said he's hoping to give dealers options. 

"The goal (in adding distributors) really is to make sure the dealers can get what they need when they need it, and that they have a choice," he said. "I think that the competetive nature that the choice creates is good for the dealer and it's ultimately good for the end-user."

To handle the supply, Scott said AMP built a 30,000-square-foot facility at the San Antonio location where his son, Paul Witherspoon II, oversees the company’s shipping operations. 

“We can pretty much fill any order – right away – for folks,” Scott said.

The new company is fully deployed, for the time being, and Scott said he’d focus on ASA Electronics’ products for the foreseeable future. 

“Our business model is strictly ASA Electronics at this point, and that’s really what I want to specialize in,” he said. “I’m not looking, at this point, to bring in any other major products as far as the distributorship.”

Scott has worked in the industry since the 1980s on the retail side of the business, but has wanted to offer wholesale services to dealerships in recent years.

He is betting that the company’s low overhead, debt-free mode of operating will allow AMP to deliver service that bigger competitors cannot.

“Mainly because we have such low overhead and we are a family business, the things we bring to the table, the big guys, to be honest with you, just can’t do that,” he said.

Another factor Scott believes is working in his favor is that the company hired product specialist Susan Russell, who previously worked for Stag-Parkway and Torklift, to oversee its sales.

With the knowledge she has, specifically in electronics and air conditioners, she brings a whole other facet to our business,” Scott said. “She’s got a long list of customers she’s known for years, and because we have very little overhead and are actually debt free, we’ll be able to offer both good customer service and very fair pricing. “

For its largest orders, Scott said the company will ship within 48 hours, with most orders going out sooner. He’s aware that’s not as quick as some of his larger competitors, who house distribution warehouses across the country.

“As far as our ship time, there’s no way I can compete with the hundreds and hundreds of delivery trucks LKQ has, but we will get shipments out no later than 48 hours, and we’re talking about something on a semi where we’d have to line up the freight.”

But Scott doesn’t see his delivery times as a mark against the company. Rather, he said its a trade-off he hopes dealers will welcome.

“We’re hoping the dealers won’t mind waiting a day, or maybe two, to get their shipment, when they’re getting that extra service from us, the cost savings and the attention to detail,” he said. “We ship the right product, the first time.”

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