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New Conversion Kit Helps Eliminate RV Blackwater

Waterless Toilets Laveo blackwater conversion kit

Branford, Connecticut-based Waterless Toilets introduced a new blackwater conversion kit to eliminate blackwater by retrofitting RVs and trailers of any kind with its Laveo Dry Flush waterless portable toilet.

Installing the Laveo with the new conversion kit is a simple four-step process: plug the waste flange, place the bracket in the appropriate position, fasten the bracket to the floor with double tape, screws or glue, and slide on the toilet. A brief installation video is on the company’s website.

The odorless, chemical-free, rechargeable Laveo portable toilet measures 16 inches W by 20 inches D by 18 inches H and weighs just 29 pounds. For comfort, the seat and height are standard toilet sizes. When done, users simply push the flush button as they would with a traditional toilet. However, instead of requiring water, chemicals and plumbing, the double-layered barrier bag automatically encloses urine and stool in a spill-resistant, odorless way. The dispenser automatically brings in new, clean barrier bag material for the next flush.

Waterless Toilets said it has rapidly become a leader in high-quality, U.S.-made portable electric toilets. For more information, click here.

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