New Executive Director Looks to Ramp Up RVAA Services

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Jon Krueger

Last week, the RV Aftermarket Association named industry newcomer Jon Krueger its new executive director, filling a previously vacant position at the organization.

Krueger, who works with management group Kellen Company, officially became the leader of the Association today, and is tasked with overseeing the Association’s newly-drafted strategic initiatives.

“My overall assessment is that RVAA is a very steady and healthy organization, financially strong, and is really in a good position to take some new steps forward,” Krueger said.

Over the past two months, Krueger has been studying the industry and getting up to speed with the organization, working with directors and outgoing member Services Manager Laura Hallen, who, alongside the board, filled much of the executive director roles over the last five years.

With the Kellen Company and RVAA leadership, Krueger examined areas where the association could improve its overall value proposition to members late last year. Based on those meetings, the Association outlined its new strategic initiative, which Krueger said he’ll use as a guidepost in the coming months.

“They’re looking, like any organization, to add more value to the organization to make it a better investment for members going forward,” he said of the new initiatives.

Specifically, the plan aims to improve the overall value of the Association to its members by highlighting its current services and adding or upgrading others. While still in discussions, the initiative introduces several ideas and areas the committees and Krueger will explore in the coming months, including potential education opportunities.

“We know there are other sister-organizations out there that provide some pretty well-received, robust, professional development, so we’re looking at places where RVAA potentially could align, or where there are gaps that these other organizations aren’t filling, where RVAA potentially could,” he said.

The Association is also mulling changes to its annual conference.

“We’re looking at potentially bringing in a keynote speaker, and maybe some other things we can do on-site to make that more valuable experience for the members, not that its not already,” he said.

Krueger said the proposed changes, which the RVAA hopes to explore further in the coming months or even years, are an effort by the Association to act progressively with its growth, rather than fix anything that’s broken.

“(The conference) is already the centerpiece or crown jewel of the RVAA, but we’re taking that, and not resting on our laurels and looking at how we can improve something that works as well as the conference,” he said.

In his role at Kellen Company, Krueger also serves as director of the Association of Fund-Raising Distributors and Suppliers, a position he has held since 2005, and though he’ll be working with both associations in the coming years, he sees the overlap as a positive.

“Working on multiple accounts is not unusual for our company; it’s pretty much par for the course in our model,” he said. “We think, and I’m a firm believer in this, that it’s advantageous for both clients. It allows me to cross-pollinate ideas, lessons and best practices.”


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