New Holding Tank Invention

The Horst Miracle Gauge

Denver-based inventor, retired engineer and RV enthusiast, John Vander Horst, said he has come up with a new invention designed to solve a vexing problem facing all RVers: getting an unreliable RV Holding tank level measurement.

Called the “Horst Miracle Gauge,” the device can measure tank depth with up to 1/8-inch accuracy, Vander Horst said, adding that the unique, patented design enables reliability, is virtually maintenance-free and is easy to install. The customer simply turns a knob to select their tank, pushes a button and the gauge relays the tanks’ depth – whether fresh, gray or black – in inches.

According to Vander Horst, existing tank monitoring solutions provide only three possible readings: one-third, two-thirds and full, which, even when functioning properly, provides inadequate information, often leading to unnecessary uncertainty and action. Furthermore, he said, the performance of existing tank monitoring solutions is notoriously unreliable, requiring diagnostics and maintenance to ensure the measurement system can even function. The process of maintaining existing systems means investing time and energy in the least appealing aspect of RVing, reducing customer satisfaction while increasing the total cost of ownership.

Vander Horst is also the inventor of the Horst Miracle Probe, which similarly improved upon the traditional approach to tank measurement. The Miracle Gauge, he said, outperforms that product.

The product’s website is


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