New Oregon Laws Eliminate State RV Code Program

Earlier this year, the Oregon Legislature passed two bills which eliminated the Oregon state RV code program and moved all types of RVs under the purview of the Oregon Department of Transportation and the Oregon Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). These new laws take effect on Jan. 1. 

In addition, the new laws require all types of RVs titled in the state to be built to the NFPA 1192 standard for RVs or the ANSI A119.5 standard for park model RVs. The Oregon Building Codes Division will no longer be the titling authority in 2020, instead the Oregon DMV will title all types of RVs in the new year.

For new RVs titled in Oregon to comply with the new law and the regulatory code, which was adopted by the Department of Transportation, the DMV must have certification that the RVs were built to the proper standard (NFPA 1192 or ANSI A119.5). Proof that the vehicles comply with the appropriate standard can be provided in one of two ways:

  • A certification on the manufacturer's certificate of origin; or
  • The manufacturer can provide a letter verifying the RV complies with the standard.

The second option to provide a letter is similar to the California fifth wheel requirement, where a manufacturer can certify the vehicle is built to the proper state requirements by providing a letter which includes the unique vehicle identifier (VIN or serial number).

As of Jan. 1, manufacturers must include this certification for RV shipments to Oregon. Since Oregon RV dealers will also need to provide this titling information for RVs currently in their inventory, manufacturers should be prepared to provide the certification for those units as well.

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