New RV Media Library Unveiled at RVDA

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The RV Video Library recently announced that it will be rebranding itself as The RV Media Library.

Since its introduction last spring, the RV Video Library has been adopted by over 50 dealerships in the U.S. and Canada. The Library contains more than 6,000 short walkthrough videos of every floorplan made. This fall saw the production of more than 1,200 2018 floorplans shot at Hershey’s open house show and Pomona.

“Not only have we added the 360 photos, but factory brochures, brand videos and floorplan illustrations are all part of the package offered to dealers,” said Wayne Brubaker, creator of the RV Media Library. “The goal is to engage potential customers on the website long enough to inspire them to speak to a salesperson, thereby becoming a real lead for the dealer.”

Brubaker pointed out that every dealer who’s attempted to create videos knows how difficult shooting and editing can be in terms of expense and time.

The video library was created by using five teams of videographers and models at the major product introductions starting last fall.

“Research has shown that prospects at the top of the sales funnel tune out of most videos after three minutes,” said Brubaker. “Our goal is simple: Keep the prospect on the website and get them excited enough to want to know more, hence becoming a lead.”

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