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New Sprinter Gets Ex-Factory Camper Features

For the first time, bodybuilders can order the new Mercedes-Benz Sprinter with “campervan features” ex-factory, such as anatomically formed and rotating driver’s/front-passenger seats. Other camper-specific highlights of the third-generation Sprinter include: the newly available Sprinter tractor head variant, which gives bodybuilders a new degree of freedom when designing the campervan body; the new four-cylinder diesel engine (exclusively reserved for use in campervans) with an output of 177 horsepower, as well as numerous assistance systems for a high degree of safety on a par with a car.

Added to this is the new MBUX multimedia system with an up to 10.25-inch HD display.

The new Sprinter comes in a variety of body styles, this makes it an attractive platform for all common types of campervans:

  • In the panel van variant, it is ideally suited for luxury camping buses.
  • As a chassis, the Sprinter can be provided with a separate body to turn it into an alcove vehicle or an integrated or semi-integrated campervan.
  • The third-generation Sprinter is also available for the first time in a tractor head variant. Powertrain, tank and all other major components are (compared to the chassis variant) in front of the B-pillar, i.e. in the area of the front cab. Frame and rear axle are installed individually and connected to the tractor head.
  • With newly available front-wheel drive, the new Sprinter panel van has its vehicle floor lowered by 80 millimeters. This makes for easier access to the living area, without an additional step, further increasing the height of the vehicle interior. At the same time, the payload of the panel van with a permissible gross vehicle weight of 7,716 pounds is increased by up to 110 pounds. The front-wheel drive also forms the basis for the new Sprinter tractor head variant.
  • The rear-wheel-drive Sprinter impresses campervan drivers with, among other things, better control when towing a trailer. Depending on the model, it is approved to pull a trailer weighing up to 7,716 pounds – enough to tow a caravan, for example.
  • Its manually selectable all-wheel drive, in turn, predestines the new Sprinter for adventure camping off the beaten track. The power distribution changes in all-wheel drive mode, with 35 percent of the drive torque being sent to the front axle and 65 percent to the rear axle. The ramp angle and angles of approach/departure are also increased. This means considerable benefits in terms of traction and handling.

The new Sprinter features an entire range of safety and assistance systems that were previously reserved for Mercedes-Benz passenger cars. These include radar-based Distance Assist DISTRONIC, Active Braking Assist, Active Lane Keeping Assist and ATTENTION ASSIST. Traffic Sign Assist draws additional attention to speed limits, no-entry and no-overtaking restrictions as well as the end of such restrictions. The Parking package with 360-degree camera makes another important contribution to reducing the driver’s workload. The equipment package also includes Crosswind Assist, which made its debut in the Sprinter in 2013 and was an innovation in the segment at the time.

The Sprinter also comes with the new Hibernation Mode, which can put the Sprinter into hibernation to minimize energy consumption. This reduces the load on the batteries in particular. Once Hibernation Mode is switched off, the Sprinter can usually be started without difficulty, even after an extended break. All-season tires specially designed for campervans are also available for the new Sprinter. They are designed with reinforced side walls for long stationary periods.

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