Newmar Expands on Wi-FiRanger Integration

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MITO Corp. announced it will provide Newmar with the WiFiRanger. Newmar recognizes the ever-increasing need for its customers to be equipped with a secure and reliable Wi-Fi and LAN network within the coach.

Outdoor WiFiRanger units will be professionally installed by Newmar on the coach’s roof, providing boosted Wi-Fi for more reliable and higher speed internet connectivity. Using existing public Wi-Fi from RV parks, truck stops, coffee shops, and the like minimizes the use of expensive cellular data for those with a mobile lifestyle.

The WiFiRanger system also allows for tethering and managing the customer’s cellular Aircard, Mi-Fi, or smartphone to use all Internet sources through one network.

Newmar uses the WiFiRanger SkyPro Pack as standard equipment on its top two model lines, the King Aire and Essex. The WiFiRanger makes a secure network for the customer, allowing control of the advanced SilverLeaf Coach Monitoring System. This is performed from a tablet with a proprietary web application through the WiFiRanger network. The customer can control HVAC, floor heating, lights, shades, SmartTVs, and Blu-ray/DVD players, just to name a few. Global control from anywhere in the world is made possible through the WiFiRanger when connected to the Internet.

“Excellent customer service and product development from WiFiRanger has been mutually beneficial to both WiFiRanger and Newmar over the years,” said Thomas Lane, engineering at Newmar Corp. “Newmar demands the best from WiFiRanger and its distributer MITO Corp. to ensure Newmar’s reputation for quality and innovation continues to excel. Both companies have delivered every time. Their teams will go the extra mile to assure that we at Newmar understand the product, and they develop new features to meet our specific needs. From engineering to sales, it is great to work with their people.”

WiFiRanger will be installed on Newmar coaches as standard equipment on the King Aire and Essex lines with the SkyPro Pack. WiFiRanger is also available as an option on the London Aire, Mountain Aire, and New Aire lines with the Sky3 Pack. An exceptionally high take-rate of 42 percent on the optioned lines has proven the high demand for WiFiRanger solutions. Newmar customers can enjoy the vast connectivity and security benefits of WiFiRanger solutions directly from the factory.

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