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NHTSA Lists Weekly Recalls

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The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has issued the following weekly vehicular recalls:

Jayco is recalling certain 2024 Jayco Granite Ridge, Solstice, Entegra Coach Condor, Expanse, and Expanse LI motorhomes. An inadequate amount of rear axle lubricant may cause rear axle tail bearing damage and seizure, which can result in wheel lock-up or driveshaft separation. Jayco’s number for this recall is Ford 24V-102.

Jayco is also recalling certain 2021-2025 Jayco Solstice LI, Swift, Terrain, Terrain LE, Entegra Coach Ethos LI, Expanse LI, Launch LE motorhomes. The battery relay contactors may become stuck in the closed position. Jayco’s number for this recall is 9903603.

Jayco is also recalling certain 2023-2025 Entegra Coach Anthem and Cornerstone motorhomes. The steering gear may have foreign material inside the gear that could build pressure within the system, resulting in a loss of power steering assist. Jayco’s number for this recall is Shyft Group 24V-052.

Daimler Vans USA is recalling certain 2023 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter vehicles. The main wiring harness may chafe against the drive shaft and short circuit, which can result in a loss of drive power, power steering, and brake system control. Daimler Vans’ number for this recall is VS3BEFHAU.

Winnebago Industries is recalling certain 2024 Solis motorhome. The lavatory may have an incorrect standard outlet installed when there should be a GFCI protected outlet. Winnebago’s number for this recall is 182.

Winnebago is also recalling certain 2023 Sunstar motorhomes. The tire information label incorrectly states the tire size and Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR). As such, these vehicles fail to comply with the requirements of Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard number 110, “Tire Selection and Rims.” The recall number is 24V172000.

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