‘Niche’ California Port Helping Solve Supply Chain Issues

Cargo ships arriving at Port Hueneme in Southern California are jam-packed with fresh produce and other goods, as companies look to avoid the congestion that’s become the norm at Los Angeles County’s major ports.

Yet Kristin Decas, the CEO and director of the Ventura County-based port, told Yahoo Finance Live on Thursday that they haven’t directly received any cargo from vessels waiting to enter the ports of Los Angeles or Long Beach. Those two hubs have become ground zero of the world’s worsening supply chain crisis.

“We wouldn’t be able to, just based on the capacity infrastructure that we have here be able to bring those ships here,” said Decas.

She explained that vessels offloading at L.A. ports move as many as 9,000 containers, whereas vessels visiting Hueneme carry around 1,500 containers.

As supply chain challenges being faced by buyers and suppliers continue, Decas made it clear that “Port Hueneme certainly can’t be the solution to all the congestion that we’re seeing in the supply chain, but we certainly can help move certain time-sensitive commodities.”

However, there is some discussion around implementing a short-sea shipping operation, where “feeder services out of the larger ports, take cargo off those ships and feed them into ports the size of Port Hueneme,” according to Decas.

Read more from Dani Romero at Yahoo Finance by clicking here.

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