NMMA Shows Outboard Sales Rise 6.3 Percent

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Outboard engine retail sales were up 6.3 percent in 2017, reaching a post-recession high of 270,300 units, and average outboard engine horsepower increased 36.5 percent since 2010.

This story originally appeared in Trade Only Today.

The 300 horsepower and greater segment led all other segments in growth again and was up 21.1 percent compared to 2016, according to new data released by the National Marine Manufacturers Association.

Average horsepower reached an all-time high of 116.1 horsepower in 2017 as a continued pattern of increased demand for higher-powered engines drove sales. Average horsepower reached a low point of 85.1 in 2010.

Engines of 100 and greater horsepower accounted for 50.7 percent of engine sales, and engines of less than 100 horsepower represented 49.3 percent of sales.

The average retail price of an outboard engine was up 6.9 percent to $9,586 in 2017.

The number of outboard engines sold increased for the sixth consecutive year.

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