No Dirty Water Collaborates with Several Companies

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Clearsource RV and No Dirty Water (NDW) are collaborating at the 2019 Quartzsite Sports, Vacation, and RV show. NDW will also be at the Mid Michigan RV show (Jan. 17-20) with Gillette’s Interstate RV allowing for demonstrations of NDW’s water purification system.

“The focus on quality and value that Clearsource brings to the table with water filtration is a perfect match with our (NDW’s) revolutionary technology and top-of-the-line water purification systems” said John Alashari, NDW business development.

Clearsource RV and NDW will be set up adjacent to each other, in the same booth during the entire Quartzsite show, from Jan. 19-27.

No Dirty Water will offer its RV Consumer Kit which features an activated oxygen/ozone generator that produces water that is:

  • Safe and pure
  • Oxygenated
  • Natural
  • Odor-free

This system works to purify the entire RV water system.

Clearsource RV will offer several of their iconic water filtration products including:

  • External two- and three-filter systems
  • OnBoard two- and three-filter systems
  • RustStop filter
  • Replacement filters, accessories, etc.

Additionally, Gillette’s service center is fully prepared to complete installations of the NDW system. On each RV sold there will be an opportunity for customers to add on an NDW RV water purification system, which Gillette’s will install themselves.

“Now is the time when people begin to think, get ready for spring, summer, enjoying the great outdoors,” said Stuart Brabant, general manager of Gillette’s Interstate RV. “At Gillette’s we have new models that will blow the consumer away. Plus, factory reps will be on hand to answer questions. Last, water is the essence of life, and we are so excited to partner with NDW on this market redefining water purification/deodorization system”

NDW will also be at the 2019 Florida RV SuperShow with Embassy RV, which will debut a Class B that features a wood-free interior, an open-space design, and a focus on “health,” according to the company.

“The Vision encompasses 5 focal points, but the differentiators of the Embassy RV are too numerous to list,” said Alex Foris, CEO/president of Embassy. “The Embassy RV simply redefines the Class B motorhome marketplace at an unbelievable price as retail pricing will be reasonable.”


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