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No Dirty Water on Hand at Denver Show

No Dirty Water, a leader in portable activated oxygen/ozone-based water purification systems, today announced the introduction of the “Feelin’ Good” premium water in a box at Booth 31154-UL at the Outdoor Retailer Summer Market in Denver, July 23 to 26.

NDW has been a leader in the development of activated oxygen/ozone-based water purification systems designed to provide clean, healthy drinking water that is also beneficial to the environment. The Feelin’ Good water in a box is the next step in the evolution of clean, great tasting drinking water that offers a number of key benefits:

The Feelin’ Good box contains 10 liters of great tasting, premium drinking water, filtered and purified to FDA and USDA standards for bottled water using NDW’s proprietary activated oxygen/ozone-based purification process.

One box contains the equivalent of a case of 20 500 ml bottles of water. On average, only 23 percent of water bottles are recycled and 105 million plastic bottles are discarded each day around the world, slowly destroying our beautiful planet. One Feelin’ Good water box helps keep more than 15 plastic bottles out of landfills and prevents them from polluting the environment.

With an innovative spout, the Feelin’ Good box helps water taste fresher, longer than a typical plastic water bottle, while maintaining a more pleasant, fresh smell.

The innovative packaging of the Feelin’ Good box allows it transported and stored and stacked more easily. With a built-in handle, the box is easy to carry and can fit in easily in a refrigerator as it takes up approximately 30 percent less space than a typical case of bottled water.

The Feelin’ Good box promotes community and creating a better world. With the prepaid postcard on the side of the box, consumers can get connected with a community of folks committed to providing clean, healthy drinking water to those in need around the world while inviting friends and family to join them.

NDW is also committed to donating 5 percent of pre-tax profit to support organizations focused on providing clean water in developing nations and the installation of NDW self-contained filtration systems worldwide.

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