Nominations Due Friday for RV Aftermarket Product of the Year

RV Aftermarket Conference

Nominations for the annual Aftermarket Product of the Year Award are due this Friday, June 24.

The award recognizes a single aftermarket product that truly exemplifies “the best of the best” in the RV aftermarket. A panel of RV parts/accessories experts from leading RV dealerships and a select group of RV distributor judges will evaluate all products submitted to be the Product of the Year, and the ultimate winner will be announced on Tuesday, August 9, at the 2022 RV Aftermarket Conference in San Antonio, Texas. Judges will be evaluating products based on the following criteria:

  • Innovation: The product was developed with new features the meet real and present unmet market demands with RV consumers, in a way other products have not done previously or addressed unmet market demand in a way that is unique and distinct with significant, measurable value.
  • Attraction: The product has desirable features or qualities which invoke a high level of consumer interest and/or solves a significant problem or a need that drives retail sales.
  • Endurance: The product’s material components, design, and construction/assembly have easily recognizable qualities that create product life-cycle longevity.
  • Value: The product’s usage and high-impact results inspire repetitive purchases by the consumer over time and/or inspire consumers to recommend the product as a leading solution for the purpose the product was created, in a way that separates the product from other solutions.
  • Visibility: The product includes the ability for consumers to easily discover, identify and engage with the product. It is attractively packaged to enhance RV retailer’s ability to increase inventory turns through merchandising and marketing.
  • Usability: Consumer’s overall experience using the product is enhanced with instructions and/or other (digital or printed) applications that are conveyed in a simple/concise way. The product is easy to use and RV consumers are highly satisfied with the product’s performance.

Any aftermarket product that was released from the Conference last year to the Conference this year is eligible to be entered again. The cost to submit a product(s) for consideration is free.

To enter a product please click here.

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