Norcold Makes Case for LP Fridges

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RV dealers and manufacturers can learn more about Norcold’s “Freedom Unplugged” campaign, which illustrates the benefits of “real” RV refrigeration, when they visit Booth 269 in the North Wing Lobby at the RVIA Show in Louisville next week.

Norcold knows that RVers want a refrigerator that keeps food cold and fresh, has large capacity, is built to withstand RV travel and has the ability to run on propane and AC.

“Norcold RV refrigerators excel in each area,” Product Manager Kevin Stover said. “Our refrigerators are specifically designed for RVs. They allow RVers to enjoy the best stops, which are often off the grid.”

He added that the ability of an RV refrigerator to operate on LP gas is incredibly significant.

“A residential refrigerator either needs additional accessory power – like a noisy generator – or you must camp where there’s a 50-amp AC hookup, preventing you from visiting our nation’s most beautiful sights,” Stover said. “Norcold models allow RVers to go wherever they want and enjoy the freedom they were looking for when they purchased an RV.”

Residential models may need extra batteries, solar power and/or generator – adding weight, cost and possibly noise.

According to the release, RVers with residential units also face the hassle of constantly monitoring their battery life and charge. An RV refrigerator, however, automatically switches to LP if electricity is unavailable or needed for other appliances.

“Our products are designed specifically for the rigors of the road,” Stover said, “while residential units are made to sit in a climate-controlled kitchen.”

While Norcold models are vibration resistant, a residential refrigerator has a mechanical compressor subject to damage from road vibration.


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