Left to right: Northwood CFO Cerise Smallwood, Northwood CEO Craig Orton, Apache Camping Center President Kevin L. Baker, Apache Camping Center Washington General Manager Kevin W. Baker, Northwood DSM Jim Baehmann and Northwood CSO Donald Cochran.

Northwood Delivers 15,000th Pickup Camper

Apache Camping Center’s President Kevin L. Baker and Washington General Manager Kevin W. Baker were both on hand to take delivery of Northwood Manufacturing’s 15,000th pickup camper produced – a Wolf Creek 850. Northwood representatives included CEO Craig Orton, CFO Cerise Smallwood, CSO Donald Cochran and DSM Jim Baehmann.

“Northwood’s objective has always been to provide both dealers and the end user with the best built products in the market,” said Orton. “Northwood has built its reputation by providing dependable, high value recreational vehicles by insisting upon quality components and demanding quality craftsmanship from our dedicated production line associates. That commitment will never change. We look forward to producing the next 15,000 pickup campers and beyond.”

“It says a lot about how well the Wolf Creek brand has been embraced by consumers,” said Kevin W. Baker. “Apache has always been very excited about this product since its inception. We feel that Northwood really hit the sweet spot with both the Wolf Creek’s appearance and amenities and their evolution. Consumer reaction has been and continues to be very favorable.  The Wolf Creek is the perfect complement to the Arctic Fox Camper and it speaks volumes that it should represent Northwood’s 15,000th pickup camper produced.”

“What a testament to the ongoing strength of this dealership,” said Cochran. “Apache Camping Center retailed the very first Arctic Fox truck camper ever sold as well as the 10,000th. It is only fitting that they should also purchase our 15,000th unit. Northwood tremendously values our long-standing relationship with Apache – they are a first-class organization from top to bottom.”

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