Northwood Mfg. Launches Virtual Reality Tours

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Northwood Mfg. announced the launch of its latest online sales tool: NW3D Tours. These tours provide 3-D and virtual reality (VR) models to be used by dealers and customers alike as a primary medium for experiencing and sharing Northwood floorplans and features.

The NW3D Tour utilizes an all-in-one reality capture system that gives the viewer realistic, interactive 3-D and VR experiences.

The tour begins with an exterior dollhouse model view of each coach that the viewer may rotate to any angle using their computer mouse. The viewer may then use their mouse to click on any room in the 3-D floorplan to go inside the coach. From there, the viewer can experience 360-degree views of each room, zoom in and out on features, as well as click into any additional rooms throughout the coach.

“The NW3D Tour is a complete reimaging of what floorplan exploration can be, said Donald Cochran, national sales director. “Several models’ NW3D Tours have already been posted to the website with all Northwood models to be coming soon.”

The NW3D tours may be accessed by clicking on the “NW3D” icon either on the Northwood homepage or on each model’s individual specification page right next to the Quick Tour.

“We are very pleased to present the NW3D Tour as our latest step forward in our ongoing mission to support dealer and customer sales in as many new and imaginative ways as possible,” said Cochran.

To check out the VR tours, visit

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