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Northwood Reaches 50K Production Milestone

Northwood Manufacturing CEO Craig Orton, CFO Cerise Smallwood, CSO Donald Cochran and DSM Jim Baehmann were all present recently to deliver Northwood’s 50,000th towable built and sold to Guaranty RV Sales Managers Paul Willman and Lenny Mellin.

Craig Orton, Northwood CEO, told Willman and Mellin, “50,000 RVs is an incredible accomplishment for us all. You both and Guaranty RV have been a significant part of that success. On behalf of everyone at Northwood including the Nash family, we want to express our gratitude to the Guaranty RV organization. Guaranty has been a constant and first rate, dealer partner as well as being our good friends.”

In accepting, Willman commented, “This has really been a wonderful partnership. We have come so far together over these many years. We really value the history, the relationship and Northwood’s ongoing commitment to supply us with superior, quality products and service. Thank you to everyone at Northwood.”

Northwood’s Chief Sales Officer, Donald Cochran, added, “We thank Guaranty, Paul and Lenny so much for the long-term commitment.  It’s inspiring to see how far we have come and recognize what a strong relationship we enjoy with Guaranty.  We truly appreciate Guaranty’s important and ongoing contribution to our success with our products.  We look forward to a continued bright future together and tens of thousands of additional RV sales with them.”

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