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NRVTA Sets Attendance Record at Alliance RV Rally

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The National RV Training Academy (NRVTA) announced its participation in the largest Alliance Ally Rally to date.

Held earlier this month, the fifth edition of this event saw its largest attendance yet, NRVTA said, with 325 rigs at the Elkhart County Fairgrounds in Goshen, Indiana, showcasing the growing community and enthusiasm for the Alliance RV brand.

For over three years, NRVTA has partnered with Alliance RV to support and educate its owners. This collaboration began at an FMCA rally, where NRVTA first encountered Alliance’s fifth wheels and saw the potential for a strong partnership.

In 2021, Alliance and NRVTA developed an online RV training program specifically for Alliance owners. This initiative empowers RV owners with the knowledge and skills needed to maintain and enjoy their vehicles. Additionally, NRVTA and Alliance RV have hosted two annual Ownership Empowerment Rally weeks at the NRVTA campus in Athens, Texas, with a third scheduled for Nov. 10-15 this year.

At the recent National Ally Rally in Goshen, Indiana, NRVTA provided training to attendees, continuing its support for the Alliance owner community. Alliance RV has demonstrated its commitment to education and customer support by working with NRVTA to maintain up-to-date training systems. These systems enable NRVTA to teach students how to repair and maintain crucial RV components, ensuring RV owners and technicians are well-prepared for their journeys.

“The NRVTA continues to bring enormous value to our owner empowerment efforts,” said Rob Boyer, Alliance RV’s community outreach and education manager. “The development of over five hours of RV training has helped thousands of our customers. They have worked hand in hand with us to support our owner empowerment advisors — Alliance owners who have received their RV technician certification and volunteer their time to assist others. Allies helping Allies! This is all possible due to our partnership aimed at improving customer product knowledge and enhancing the camping experience.”

“This partnership with Alliance RV is a testament to the steps needed to improve the RV experience for the end user,” said Terry Cooper, managing director. “We are grateful for Alliance’s support and their dedication to enhancing RV ownership. Together, we are making a significant impact on the RV community.”

“NRVTA looks forward to continuing its collaboration with Alliance RV,” the organization said, “and furthering its mission to empower and educate RV owners and technicians nationwide.”

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