NRVTA Welcomes New Faculty Member, Richard Stark

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The National RV Training Academy (NRVTA) recently added Richard Stark to its faculty, teaching Week One at the Big Red School House in Athens, Texas. He was invited to join the staff by Terry Cooper, managing director of NRVTA, at last year’s Austin RV show.

“I believe that RVing should be fun,” said Stark. “I am committed to the fact that anyone can understand, prevent and fix 80% of the issues that arise in the operation of an RV. Less time in the shop, more time and money for the great outdoors.”

Stark embodies the mission of the NRVTA, and his teaching style makes the training of Week 1 fun and easy to understand, according to the organization. He particularly enjoys helping students solve their own RV issues, some with which they’ve struggled for years. He is motivated to see the “lights come on” as students get the previous mysteries of AC and DC electricity, heating and air conditioning systems, refrigerator, and RV water systems.

Stark brings a lifetime of machine and appliance repair to the table. His career spans 30 years as a Maytag, Samsung, and Whirlpool master-certified technician. His roles as liaison between service and engineering, and as a National Trainer show not only in his personal understanding of systems but also in his ability to clearly convey those concepts to RV owners and technicians alike.

Stark also brings the experience of 20 years of RV travel, so he understands the frustrations of RV owners, those who spend the money and effort to show their family a good time, only to be stranded far from home with an electrical, propane, or plumbing problem.

For more information about the Week One RV Maintenance course for RV owners, click here.


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