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Planetary Designs

NTP-STAG Adds Coffee-centric Planetary Design

NTP-STAG recently added Planetary Design, producers of coffee presses, tumblers, and airtight food storage containers, to its accessories category. Based in Bonner, Mont., the company uses its own backyard for design inspiration and product testing of its on-the-go brewing and storage solutions.

The Double Shot is a 2-in-1 coffee maker and travel tumbler that holds a twist-off compartment for storing extra grinds, tea bags, sugar, snacks, and more. The product sports a redesigned spill-proof lid, laser-welded handle, and the company’s patented Brü-Stop press technology that stops the brewing process once the grinds are pressed.

Planetary Design’s travel presses and tumblers are reinforced with 18/8 restaurant-grade stainless steel and high-quality BPA-free, Grade 5 plastic, for a food-safe thermal construction. 

“Whether headed to the backcountry, office, or just down the street, there’s a Planetary Design product to complement the passions of outdoor enthusiasts, coffee snobs, tea lovers and foodies alike,” stated the company.

Planetary Design’s partnership with NTP-STAG will allow the company to better connect with the larger RV community. The company has transformed a salvaged Toyota Tacoma into a full-time adventure vehicle, dubbed the BruTrek Rig, as a way to further understand the markets it serves. It has been traveling across the U.S. since February 2018.

“We are very excited to enter into partnership with Planetary Design,” said Ron Weatrowski, category manager. “Their unique coffee and storage products are not only great quality, but also fun to use. I’ve been very pleased with every cup of coffee I’ve made with their Bru-Stop Technology.”

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