NTP-STAG Adds MAX-Tank to Water Storage Category

NTP-STAG has added MAX-Tank to its auxiliary water storage category. MAX-Tank is owned and operated by parent company, Mangold Advancements, a product innovation business based in California focused on solutions for the RV, automotive, motorsports, and construction markets.

MAX-Tank is its flagship product, which produces water auxiliary tanks and transfer pump kits that are designed to maximize RV holding capacity. MAX-Tank portable water systems seek to provide a safe and sustainable solution that can withstand the rigors of frequent use and real-world conditions.

“Max-Tank has brought to market a superb niche product,” said Thomas Probst, NTP-STAG’s category manager. “Developed themselves as recreational enthusiasts, they have prototyped, field tested, and refined this product through extensive off-grid research. It’s an ingenious solution to a pervasive problem in the off-grid recreational market that is growing tremendously.”

The MAX-Tank product line offers two systems: one for fresh water storage and the other for gray water management. The fresh water system is designed to carry 50 gallons of water that can be transferred to an RV or accessed for alternate use, such as tent camping or gardening. Constructed of high-density, UV-stabilized polyethylene, the tank features a vented, screw-on cap and pre-installed bulkhead and brass inlet plumbing. It includes a custom-designed 12-volt water transfer pump that inserts into the hitch receiver, a seven-pin connector for power source and 10- and 25-foot fresh water transfer hoses.

The gray water system includes a 50-gallon tank of the same material, as well as a vented, screw cap and pre-installed bulkhead and inlet valves. Designed to extract gray water from the RV’s system for transport and dumping, it features a standard RV sewer discharge valve with additional plumbing parts for right, left, and straight discharge configuration options. The system also includes a 10-foot sewer hose, clear sewer valve cap with garden hose adapter, 10- and 25-foot gray water transfer hoses and the same hitch-mounted transfer pump and power source as the fresh water system.

“Dealer feedback at Expo was excellent with the common refrain being that consumers will immediately recognize the utility, simplicity, and value of these systems,” said Probst.

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