Obit: Keystone’s Robert Gaff, Jr.

Robert GaffGaff

Robert Edwin Gaff Jr. was born Jan. 28, 1938, in Elkhart, Ind., and died recently at age 84.

He had spent seven weeks in the hospital due to complications from radiation and was home for 12 days before suddenly passing away.

According to the obituary in The Elkhart Truth, in 1967, Gaff and four partners founded Elkhart Traveler Corp., a custom RV company. After ETC closed in 1989, he worked for Jason Industries and Skamper Corp. In May 1996, he and his daughter Kim left their positions at Skamper to join founder Cole Davis to help grow da new RV company, Keystone RV, which was eventually purchased by THOR Industries. Gaff was vice president of purchasing until he retired in 2003.

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