Ocean Bio-Chem Gains EPA Approval For Labeling Use of Disinfectant

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Ocean Bio-Chem, supplier of Star brite cleaning products to the RV industry, reported that its label amendment on PERFORMACIDE Hard Surface Disinfectant has been accepted by the EPA. It is to include the additional usage sites of hydroponic and indoor horticulture operations, as well as infused product facilities.

PERFORMACIDE Hard Surface Disinfectant EPA Reg. No. 87508-3 is a chlorine dioxide based mold and mildew eliminator that does not leave any residue on surfaces after it has dried, according to the company.

PERFORMACIDE Hard Surface Disinfectant is currently distributed to more than 1,500 indoor and outdoor garden and horticulture retailers by Sunlight Supply.  PERFORMACIDE’s patented chlorine dioxide pouch system is also being marketed to commercial agriculture operations under private label brand names.

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