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OHI Discounted Music License Program Approaching Deadline

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The deadline for OHI’s discounted music licensing program, which provides an opportunity for members to save up to 50% off rack rates on essential music licenses, is Dec. 20.

OHI’s program is unique in that outdoor hospitality businesses who play music for their guests can conveniently purchase licenses from all four performing rights organizations (PROs) in a single purchase. These member-exclusive rates are designed to help OHI member parks affordably comply with copyright laws, protect against liability and avoid costly fines.

The deadline to secure a park’s discounted 2024 coverage is arriving sooner than usual. All licenses must be purchased by Dec. 20. Failure to pay invoices by this deadline will result in loss of discounted coverage for the 2024 calendar year.

OHI member parks provide all sorts of entertainment for guests with events like karaoke or live music or a great playlist by the pool, all creating memorable experiences. However, playing music at a park in any way requires a license to avoid copyright law infringement, OHI said.

The performing rights organizations (ASCAP, BMI, SESAC and GMR), collect licensing fees and distribute royalties to the creators. Failure to obtain a license can lead to serious consequences, with damages set by federal statute ranging from $750 to $30,000. If found “willful,” damages could soar to $150,000 per song plug, including legal costs.

The OHI discounted licenses cover various scenarios, including digital music services, Muzak, satellite radio and TV, cable, on-hold music, DJs, live performers, karaoke and personal CDs. It grants legal authorization to play copyrighted music publicly while shielding parks from the consequences of copyright infringement. Under copyright law, anybody who makes music available to the public needs permission prior to performing that music.

Learn more about the music program and request coverage at ohi.org/music.

To become a member and take advantage of the exclusive discounted rates visit OHI.org or contact OHI at 303-681-0401.

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