Ohio RV Supershow in Jeopardy with Closing of Venue

A Cleveland TV station reports on the closing of a venue that hosted the annual Ohio RV show.

The Ohio RV Supershow is a huge deal. It brings 45,000 to 50,000 people, 11 dealers, and upwards of 800 RVs, all crammed into the I-X Center over five days in January.

“It’s kind of the staple everybody knows that’s where it is and it’s always at the same time,” said Josh Cooper.

Cooper is a sales manager at General RV Center in North Canton. He says his company always does very well at the show.

“We sell a lot there,” he said. “I think last year we sold a little over 300 while we were there for the weekend.”

Click here to see the full report from Amanda VanAllen at ABC affiliate Cleveland 5.

Now those sales could be in jeopardy after the shocking news of the I-X Center closing for good. Cooper says they’ve already figured out ways to innovate.

“What we’ve actually done is started a lot of virtual RV shows, we’ve doing live streams with a schedule on our website and then keeping a library of those walkarounds where people don’t have to now go to a show,” said Cooper.


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