Oklahoma Dealership Doesn’t Shy from Spotlight

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Newcastle, Okla.-based dealership RV General Store is no stranger to show biz.

The dealership, which has collaborated with TV shows such as “Celebrity Motorhome”, “Duck Dynasty” and “Exreme Makeover: Home Edition” in the past, will host a contestant search event this weekend for game show “Wheel of Fortune”.

The vehicle traveled to the Oklahoma City area in search of show contestants, and will host contests at the dealership from noon to 4 p.m., April 30 to May 1. The contestant selection games take place noon, 1:30 p.m. and 3 p.m.

The TV show’s motorhome, called the Wheelmobile, arrived at the dealership Monday (April 25) and will stay through the end of the week, and it’s already drawing plenty attention to the dealership, according to RV General Store Director of Operations Darrin Abel.

“Having that motorhome out front has brought a lot of phone calls, word-of-mouth and social media contacts, and people stopping and coming in the front door to ask about it, so its been a little bit of a boon for us already,” he said.

For the promotion, Abel was contacted by a local advertising agency the dealership works with regularly. The event was worked into an advertising deal, so its not free-of-charge, but since Abel planned to spend the advertising money regardless, it seemed like an extra value, he said.

“Whether they’re interested in an RV or not, the opportunity for us to get people out here to our location and just familiarize themselves with us as a company and what we have to offer, I think is definitely going to be worth it,” Abel said.

Abel said that making marketing decisions requires a level of showmanship to add value to the investment.

“I’m a big believer in looking for those opportunities, and I guess we’ve gotten our name out there,” he said.

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