Oklahoma Dealership Helps Air Force Vet Fulfill RV ‘Wish’

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Hope For The Warriors and an Oklahoma RV dealership helped fulfill a wish for one Texas service member and his family recently after a retired Air Force veteran and his family picked up a travel trailer.

The original quote for the camper was $27,000, but the support of RV Station in Colbert, Okla., brought the price down to $17,000.

Fulfilling dreams for service members and their families, A Warrior’s Wish is one of the many programs offered by Hope For The Warriors, a national nonprofit dedicated to service members and military families.

This veteran suffered back injuries during his Iraq deployment that now prevent him from camping comfortably. He applied for A Warrior’s Wish through Hope For The Warriors as a way to bond with his family through camping.

To test out the use of a trailer, the A Warrior’s Wish committee granted the service member and his family two summer camper rentals in 2014, allowing them to properly determine if an RV would be suitable for his recovery.

Hope For The Warriors was able to buy and provide the family’s desired make and model at a discounted price.

“Hope For The Warriors was proud to grant this wish to support this service member and his family’s road to recovery,” said Robin Kelleher, Hope For The Warriors president. “By granting the wish to this veteran we are fulfilling our mission to restore the entire military family.”

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