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OneControl to be Prepped for Vengeance Toy Haulers

Lippert Components has announced that Forest River Vengeance toy haulers will be prepped for integration of LCI’s OneControl ConnectAnywhere Aftermarket Kit. Vengeance toy haulers will offer consumers the option of upgrading their unit with ConnectAnywhere’s cellular technology and will be on display at the 2018 Elkhart RV Open House from Sept. 24-27.

Vengeance toy haulers will be equipped with LCI’s OneControl Wireless technology which broadcasts a local wireless network and allows the owner to control and monitor many functions on the RV. LCI’s engineering team worked together with Vengeance to install roof-mounted 4G antennas and integration to the current OneControl system. This allows customers the option of an aftermarket upgrade to a full cellular system.

The OneControl ConnectAnywhere Prepped kit will be first available on LCI’s online store and will be arriving later this year at dealerships that sell LCI products.

“OneControl ConnectAnywhere owners enjoy the ability to remotely control and monitor various functions on their RV with their OneControl app virtually anywhere they have a cellular signal, as long as the RV’s OneControl system is powered up,” said Andy Murray, chief sales officer at LCI. “We’re very excited about the enhanced abilities of ConnectAnywhere, and we feel strongly that consumers will want to upgrade their OneControl Wireless units with the more powerful signal that the ConnectAnywhere aftermarket kit will provide.”

The ConnectAnywhere prepped equipment was engineered and designed to allow multiple devices to be connected to the Internet.

New for 2019 is OneControl ConnectAnywhere’s ability to offer owners real-time diagnostic information from LCI’s customer service center. By granting permission for these services, ConnectAnywhere can alert owners to various issues when they happen, automatically create a service case with customer service, then seamlessly connect them with an LCI customer service representative. This can prevent costly visits from an RV technician, not to mention a delay to the owner’s hard-earned vacation. OneControl ConnectAnywhere users will also benefit from upgraded features, such as voice control, powered by Amazon’s Alexa.

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