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Ontario Ministry of Transportation Confirms ELD Exemption for RV Industry


The Canadian Recreational Vehicle Association (CRVA) reported that the Ontario Ministry of Transportation has officially confirmed the exemption of drivers and operators involved in RV Drive-Away/Tow-Away commercial vehicles from the Provincial Electronic Logging Device (ELD) requirements. This exemption, aligned with the federal ELD mandate approved by Transport Canada in October 2023, allows the use of an alternative Record of Duty Status (RODS) format and will come into effect on July 1.

The exemption is detailed in the amendment to Ontario Regulation 555/06 under the Highway Traffic Act. It represents a significant milestone for the RV industry, acknowledging the unique operational circumstances of RV transportation. This move is particularly important for the timely and efficient delivery of RV trailers from manufacturers to dealers and customers, which is vital during peak selling seasons.

Ontario plays a crucial role in the RV industry, with more than 50% of RVs sold in Canada passing through the province en route to retailers located in Ontario, Quebec and throughout Eastern Canada. The confirmation of this exemption will streamline logistics and reduce regulatory burdens, ensuring that RVs reach their destinations efficiently, supporting the supply chain and benefiting consumers.

Shane Devenish, president of CRVA, expressed his gratitude for the support received from the Ontario Ministry of Transportation: “We are deeply appreciative of the Ontario Ministry of Transportation, particularly Minister Prabmeet Sarkaria and his dedicated staff, for their understanding and support in recognizing the unique needs of our industry. This exemption will significantly aid our operations and ensure that our industry continues to thrive.”

“The CRVA also extends its sincere appreciation to Jennifer Elliott, director of the commercial safety and compliance branch, and her team for their efforts in facilitating this amendment,” the organization said. “Their commitment to aligning provincial regulations with federal standards underscores a thoughtful and comprehensive approach to the safety and operational efficiency of commercial vehicle transportation in Ontario.”

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