Optronics Offers OEMs 18-LED Tail Lights

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STL513RB Lit2

Optronics International, a manufacturer and supplier of LED vehicle lighting, announced the introduction of its new HD 500 Series LED stop, tail, turn lamps today.

The new lamps are designed with a distinguishing three-dimensional lens feature and brilliant illumination characteristics that make them stand out from other stop, tail, turn lamps on the market.

The HD 500 Series LED lamps have lenses with a raised linear focal point in the center that gives them a visually unique look. Both the 4-inch round and 6-inch oval lamps are engineered with an 18-diode configuration.

“With the introduction of our new HD 500 Series LED stop, tail, turn lamps, Optronics continues to lead the industry in lamp-styling diversity and choice,” Brett Johnson, president and CEO of Optronics International, said. “This is the third new stop, tail, turn lamp option we’ve introduced in just the last 60 days, and it’s a testament to the maturity and competence of our product development capabilities.”

According to the news release, the new LED lamps are designed to be competitively priced, and 264 percent brighter than the law requires and 15 percent brighter than Optronics’ standard 10-diode stop, tail, turn lamps. Optronics hopes that the high-visibility to low-cost ratio will make the lamps attractive to a broad audience.


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