Optronics Unveils Smoke-Lens LED Lamps

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Optronics International has introduced five new LED lamps with Optronics’ unique Smoke-Lens effect. The lamps’ darkened lenses help them blend into a vehicle’s body contours.

The Smoke-Lens offering includes 6-inch oval and 4-inch round stop, tail, turn lamps, a 6-inch oval backup lamp and a three-quarter-inch PC-rated clearance marker lamp. Optronics is also introducing a 20-inch Smoke-Lens version of its popular Thinline series surface-mount LED stop, tail, turn light bar, complete with a matte-black mounting base/bezel.

“Optronics has been unrivaled in its introduction of high-style lighting to the commercial vehicle market,” said Brett Johnson, president and CEO of Optronics International. “Our new Smoke-Lens LED lamps closely follow trends in the consumer automotive lighting segment and give OEMs and upfitters the ability to further differentiate their vehicle designs through creative lighting.”

“In order to meet federal and international standards, Optronics’ engineers had to overcome a number of optical challenges,” said Kyle O’Dell, director of engineering for Optronics International. “I’m proud to say that our world-class technical team met the challenges and that all of our new Smoke-Lens LED lamps meet FMVSS 108 and CMVSS 108 photometric requirements for visibility and safety.”

The new 6-inch oval Smoke-Lens stop, tail, turn lamp; 6-inch oval backup lamp; three-quarter-inch PC-rated clearance marker lamp; and 20-inch Thinline series surface-mount LED stop, tail, turn light bar are available now.

The 4-inch round stop, tail, turn lamp is expected to be available in the third quarter of 2020. The lamps, lenses and housings are made of polycarbonate material that is sonically welded. The lamps employ a solid-state, surface-mount device design that protects their electronics against moisture, shock and vibration.

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