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Orion Introduces Safety Kit Exclusively for RVers

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Orion, a company focused on safety, signaling and emergency products for the auto, truck and marine markets, as well as outdoor consumer markets, has introduced Compact Camper, a safety and emergency kit exclusively for RVers and other campers.

Orion’s kit contains three professional-grade, 30-minute road flares to provide a safety zone, as well as a reflective triangle, a bright orange safety vest and a rain poncho for emergencies in inclement weather. There is a 19-piece first aid kit as well as safety instructions on how to use the kit and it’s all contained in a water-resistant bag to make it easy to store and quickly access when needed.

Orion safety kitDrawing on their expertise in developing and creating safety and emergency products, and their research of the RV market, Orion has assembled an emergency kit that meets the unique needs of RV and Camper owners.

“I’ve been an RV owner for many years and realized that the safety and emergency needs for RV owners are very different than that of auto and truck owners,” said Jay McLaughlin, president of Orion. “When talking to RV owners about how they deal with safety and emergency products, most said they had to assemble their safety kit by buying many different products. Assembling their own kit frequently left them without the specialized equipment needed when an emergency occurred. It became clear there was a real need to develop a kit for this market that contained everything needed in one easy-to-store and access kit.”

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