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Outdoor Rec Leader Tours SylvanSport

David Knight, North Carolina’s newly appointed director of the Outdoor Industry Office, met with elected leaders and outdoor industry representatives at SylvanSport headquarters, in Brevard, N.C.

The newly created office will work with economic development, land and resource managers, elected officials, and other stakeholders to foster the growth of the outdoor industry in North Carolina.

According to the Outdoor Industry Association’s Economic Impact Report, consumers spent $887 billion on outdoor recreation nationwide, creating 7.6 million jobs and $65.3 billion in tax revenue. North Carolina’s outdoor recreation economy accounts for $28 billion in consumer spending, creating 260,000 jobs and $1.3 billion in tax revenue.

SylvanSport President, Tom Dempsey, worked with other outdoor industry leaders to create North Carolina’s Outdoor Industry Office.

“They make this stuff to use on public lands. The outdoor industry depends on taxpayers to support parks and recreational areas and, increasingly, we’re all aware of user fees,” said Dempsey. “Those are the kinds of concepts this office is designed to address and move forward, but it is a unique industry in that we’re all making gear to use on public lands, which makes it necessary to be well integrated with public leadership.”

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