Outdoorsy Reports May Statistics

Austin, Texas-based RV rental company Outdoorsy has shared some of its website numbers from the month of May with RV PRO, and they provide some interesting demographic insights into first-time RV renters the company is engaging with.

Outdoorsy says that in May, the average age of a first-time RV renter that visited its site was 44. Renters aged 41 to 55 – Gen X – made up 33.5 percent of its first-time renters, while Millennials – those aged 26 to 40 – made up 30.5 percent of its first-time renters.

The company says the ages were unavailable for about 21 percent of its first-time renters.
In terms of vehicle time, trailers accounted for 38.5 percent of bookings made by first-time renters; Class C RVs accounted for 29 percent; Campervans were nearly 12 percent;
Class A RVs were 9 percent; and Class B RVs were just over 5 percent.

The company said the average trip length for first-time renters was six days.

Where these first-time renters were traveling proved interesting, the company said.

“Typically during this time of year, we’d see the majority of our bookings coming from states in the West, including California. And while the majority of our booking traffic is still coming from the West, interestingly, in the last few weeks. the Southern states – where states are beginning to open back up – were growing at a faster rate (42 percent week-over-week for the South compared to 16 percent for the West),” the company said.

Top 10 states with the highest booking volumes for the month of May were: 1) California, 2) Texas, 3) Colorado, 4) Utah, 5) Florida, 6) Arizona, 7) Washington, 8) North Carolina, 9) Oregon, 10) Michigan.


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