Outdoorsy’s 2021 Renter Sentiment Survey

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Outdoorsy has released its 2021 renter sentiment survey. Highlights include:

  • Summer ’21 Outlook: Nearly six in 10 Americans want to try something new during their vacation this summer, according to a OnePoll survey.
  • Six in 10 also said they would spend significantly more money on their vacation if it meant they were 100 percent safe from COVID, the results suggest.
  • Out of a panel of 2,000 respondents, two-thirds are more inclined to rent an RV or campervan now than before the pandemic started.
  • 81 percent of respondents reported that because of the pandemic, they feel forced to find alternative travel destinations or an alternative form of travel compared to their usual routine.
  • 63 percent would rather stay closer to adventure on their next vacation, like camping on a beach, instead of staying in a hotel or Airbnb.
  • 62 percent would rather spend their vacation surrounded by nature this summer.
  • 60 percent said they feel at their happiest while on vacation.
  • 60 percent are putting together a shopping wish list, frequently citing a need to buy camping gear (46 percent), a tent (37 percent) and an RV or campervan (33 percent).
  • Top 2021 summer destinations on Outdoorsy: Denver, Seattle, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Portland, Anchorage, Salt Lake City, San Diego, Minneapolis, San Francisco and Las Vegas
  • The 2021 rental season is starting out strong with over 145 percent growth in bookings vs, 2020.
  • Class C and Campervans are the most popular rentals on the site.
  • Average trip length is over six days.

To see Outdoorsy’s entire report click here.


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