Pace International Adds SureCall Cell Boosters

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Pace International, electronics distributor and supplier to RV retailers, OEMs, and consumers, has added SureCall cellular boosters to its product lineup. SureCall manufactures FCC and carrier-approved cell signal boosters that work throughout U.S., Canada, and Mexico. The products promote optimal wireless data speeds, and fewer dropped calls while in campgrounds and traveling.

Pace will make the SureCall products available to RV OEMs and dealers through its existing sales channels.

“Pace has been in the signal boosting game for a long time, and we are very excited to offer SureCall products,” said Sam Schell, senior VP of business development for Pace International. “RV owners need cell service wherever they go, and SureCall products minimize dropped calls and maximize data speeds. They make this happen at very reasonable prices.”

Pace is a supplier with a call center open seven days a week, offering end-user support on all products. As the national distributor and call center for DISH Outdoors, and the RV Industry Association’s “Supplier of the Year” last year, Pace has a track record in supporting OEM’s, dealers, and their customers.

“We are aligned with SureCall on every level. This should be good for everyone involved, especially the RV owner,” said Schell.

In addition to the mobile market, Pace also will be offering SureCall’s commercial product lineup, which maximizes cell signal in commercial buildings such as hotels, apartment buildings, offices, and factories.

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