Panhandle to be Staging Area for FEMA Trailers

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The Marianna municipal airport in Bay County, Fla., has been deemed the staging site for those FEMA trailers coming into the area.

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Vendors from all over the southeast are bringing mobile homes and travel trailers into the Panhandle. However, before they can be distributed to those in need, they have to be inspected and approved by FEMA.

Officials said because the housing options are so limited, these units are the next best thing. FEMA public information officer, Nate Custer, says the plan is to place the trailers on the resident’s property if possible.

“The local government has waived the zoning restrictions. Normally you couldn’t put a travel trailer or mobile home in your yard, but they’ve waived those. If the debris can be cleared out of the way then presumably there are utilities that are working,” said FEMA Public Information Officer Nate Custer.

Custer said trailers are moved in and are dispersed to different locations in the Panhandle, daily.

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